Alinwtza. – Life is not always pink.
Quartarone. – Don’t tell me that… but we must be strong because it could be every color.
A. – But the sun will come out.
Q. – Right… even on winter time. You will remember my words Bella. And.. if you need… i’m here.
A. – I want to be optimistic. Thank you so much.
Life offers us many challenges!


Q. – C’mon…. you can ride them all baby!!! My only worry is your sweetness… I hope nobody will use you for that.
A. – But it will heal with time, right?
Q. – Sure…. is all up to you and…
You’re such a good and nice girl… you deserve a special one for you.
And…. he maybe wasn’t so special…
A. – Probably.
Q. – Sure, not probably.


Q. – I’m here… when you want call me.
A. – Rarely are people like you…
Q. – Oh c’mon…. i have 2 legs and 2 arms…. believe me!
A. – Hihi… hearted!
Q. – Don’t get in love so quickly… then will be really hard to forget me haha…
A. – Hihiii…… I learned my lesson!
Q. – Ahahahah funny that.


Q. – Please… remember… do not get used to your sweetness!
And remember… Emergency – break the window and save it!
A. – Wow! … sounded good.


2 comments on “Goodbye!

    • Se intampla uneori, ca sufletul ce trebuie salvat sa fie chiar al tau… si daca nu constientizezi asta la timp… te distrugi putin cate putin, in fiecare zi!

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